Beginner Vocal Lessons Miami Beach

Beginner Vocal lessons miami beach

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Beginner Vocal Lessons in Miami Beach

Welcome to Devos Academy, your premier destination for beginner vocal lessons in Miami Beach. Whether you’re a young child, teenager, or adult looking to start your singing journey, our experienced instructors are here to guide you every step of the way.

Instruments We Teach







Types of Beginner Vocal Lessons Offered

Discover various beginner vocal lessons, including private, group, and online sessions, as well as intensive workshops and masterclasses, each designed to enhance your singing skills and confidence.

Private Beginner Vocal Lessons

Experience personalized instruction with one-on-one lessons tailored to your learning pace and style.

Group Beginner Vocal Lessons

Learn in a supportive and social environment with small group classes designed to foster collaboration and motivation.

Online Beginner Vocal Lessons

Enjoy the convenience of virtual lessons from the comfort of your own home, with live, interactive sessions conducted by our expert instructors.

How Its Work

Our Beginner Vocal Lesson Process

Explore our structured beginner vocal lesson process, featuring personalized instruction, fundamental techniques, and supportive learning environments to help you develop a strong foundation in singing.


Choose Your Class You Want

Select the Beginner Vocal class that best fits your skill level and schedule from our diverse offerings at Devos Academy.


Fill Registration Form

Complete our straightforward registration form to officially enroll in your chosen Beginner Vocal lessons.


Pay Registration Fee

Secure your spot in the class by paying the registration fee through our payment options.


Start Learning With Us

Start your musical journey with Devos Academy's tailored Beginner Vocal lessons for an enjoyable and successful learning experience.

Benefits of Learning at Devos Academy

At Devos Academy, we pride ourselves on delivering top-tier Beginner Vocal instruction tailored to each student’s unique needs and aspirations. Here’s why we stand out as the premier choice for Beginner Vocal lessons in Miami Beach:

Expert Instructors:

Our highly qualified pianists bring extensive experience and passion to every lesson, ensuring personalized and engaging instruction.

Customized Learning Plans:

We tailor lessons to each student’s skill level, goals, and musical interests for an effective and enjoyable learning experience.

State-of-the-Art Facilities:

Our modern studios, equipped with the latest vocal and teaching tools, provide a professional and inspiring environment.

Flexible Scheduling:

We offer a variety of lesson times to fit busy schedules, making it easy for everyone to enjoy Beginner Vocal lessons.

Our Beginner Vocal Lesson Areas

We offer Beginner Vocal lessons to students throughout Miami Beach and surrounding areas, ensuring convenient access to high-quality musical instruction.

About Miami Beach

Miami Beach is a vibrant city known for its beautiful beaches, diverse culture, and thriving arts scene. Our academy is proud to be part of this dynamic community, offering top-notch musical education to its residents.

Lessons Tuition fees

Tuition & Fees

Private Music Lesson

Piano & Vocal
30 minutes $45
45 minutes $67.5
60 minutes $90
Guitar, Ukelele & Violin
30 minutes $40
45 minutes $60
60 minutes $80

Group Music Lesson

Devos Academy is happy to announce of the opening of group voice classes which everyone can afford.
Lesson duration: 45 minutes
Lesson schedule: Saturdays 1pm
Students: 3-5 per class
Student’s age: 6-8 years old, or 9-11
Cost: 60$
The goal of group voice classes is a great way for communities to grow strong together.

Payment Options

Book your Trial Class

Discover the joy of playing the Vocal with the best Beginner Vocal lessons in Miami Beach at Devos Academy. Whether you’re a complete beginner or looking to refine your skills, our tailored lessons will meet your needs and more. Join us and start your musical journey today, contact us now. Let’s make music together!


Frequently Asked Questions

Contact us today to schedule your first lesson and begin your journey to Vocal excellence with Devos Academy. Let’s make music together!


Yes, we offer online Beginner Vocal lessons that provide the same level of instruction and interaction as in-person lessons.

Our experienced instructors, personalized approach, and commitment to student success set us apart as a premier music academy in Miami Beach.

The most affordable academy to learn Vocal in Miami Beach is Devos Academy. We strive to offer competitive pricing while maintaining high-quality instruction and a supportive learning environment. Our commitment to accessible music education ensures that students receive exceptional value for their investment in developing their piano skills at Devos Academy.

In Miami Beach, Beginner Vocal lessons are taught by a dedicated team of experienced instructors at Devos Academy. Each teacher offers personalized instruction to cater to students of all skill levels, fostering a supportive environment for musical growth and achievement.

When choosing a Beginner Vocal teacher, consider their experience, teaching style, and ability to customize lessons to fit your learning pace and goals. Our instructors at Devos Academy in Miami Beach are experienced and dedicated to providing personalized instruction.

Our Journey

Trusted by 500+ Happy Students

At Devos Academy, we take pride in our reputation for excellence and are honored to have earned the trust of over 600 happy students. Our commitment to quality instruction, personalized learning experiences, and fostering a supportive environment has helped numerous students achieve their musical goals with satisfaction and joy.

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