We offer lessons that is specifically designed to enhance the musicality of the students. Our program
teaches our students sight reading, musical theory and a passionate performance to every piece. Among
all the musical instruments, the violin is perhaps the most stirring and emotionally stimulating
instrument of all. Because of the deeply emotional sound the violin produces, it usually referred to as
the door to the performers’ heart and passion. Played well, the violin and the performer projects an
emotion to the listeners and touches their hearts.

Our violin lessons are structured to offer not just a fun learning experience but one that is stimulating as
well. It will take some time from the first lesson, when you learn how to hold the violin and the bow and
start reading notes, till you can play and interpret a masterpiece on your instrument. But if you keep on
learning, constant progress is guaranteed, to amplify your passion for the violin.

Why to learn violin?

 Improves memory and attention span
 Coordination
 Helps build concentration
 Stress reliever and promotes self-expression
 Student Concerts and performances

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