Student Life

Student Life


Our annual recital is a special event where our community of students, musicians, parents, and friends come together to celebrate the culmination of a year filled with musical growth and achievement. In this vibrant gathering, our students showcase their talent and hard work through captivating performances that captivate the audience.Adding to the excitement of the evening, our dedicated teachers also take the stage to share their musical expertise and passion, inspiring both students and guests alike. This blend of student and teacher performances creates a dynamic and enriching experience that not only highlights the progress of our students but also demonstrates the exceptional musical talent within our community.The recital provides a platform for everyone involved to connect, support each other, and appreciate the beauty of music and art. It’s a joyous occasion where performers and audience members alike come together to create lasting memories and celebrate the power of music to unite and inspire
Musician band jamming together in art workplace with instruments
Musician band jamming together in art workplace with instruments

Summer Camp

Immerse yourself in musical exploration and creative expression. Join hands-on workshops led by our expert and guest musicians, culminating in beachside jam sessions and a dazzling final showcase.

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  • Exploring diverse musical genres
  • Engaging in creative arts workshops
  • Learning from renowned instructors
  • Showcase your talent in dynamic performances
  • Foster friendships and musical camaraderie in a supportive setting
Summer Camp 2024

Period: August, 2024

Contact us now and register for an unforgettable summer adventure at Devos Academy!

For more details send message to 305-842-4260